My situation isn’t the norm. I have bone cancer in my right shoulder in fact the humerus head is hollow and I had a fracture in the bone. I was told by my oncologist after 5 hits of radiation not to move my arm except to sip a cup of tea. When I informed him of my sporty nature he suggested that I let my fracture heal then make an appointment with a physiotherapist. I followed his orders and 1 month later started physio. I found the exercises tedious and ineffective.

I decided to take healing matters into my own hands. So my next move was getting back to fitness so that I could feel like I had control over my health. I started to work out with a personal trainer. At the beginning we worked mostly on cardio and then we started stretching out the shoulder, the left was stiff and the right was frozen. It was hard to figure out what was bone pain or simply muscle pain. After 6 months my trainer suggest I see Ron Barlot for ART. Ron had successfully helped him with his injuries.

My first visit was very thorough. I was nervous about breaking the bone and radiation site was painful to the touch. I couldn’t raise my hand above my head or even place my hand on my hip. How was this going to work? Ron wasted no time; we went through my medical history, test results and he explained how he was going to help me. I felt confident immediately and we started. After the first appointment my range of motion had improved by 25%. I couldn’t believe the results. By 4 weeks my range of motion was 70%, my pain had lessened and I had learned the difference between bone, nerve and muscle pain. Ron had changed my life; I thought I was stuck with a cancer filled shoulder that was immobile. Instead I resumed my fitness regime and was able to build muscle to help protect the bone from breaking.

Ron is professional, caring, personable and extremely talented. He is big part of my healing team and together I keep beating the cancer odds. I believe the cancer community should add Active Release Therapy in addition to physiotherapy.

Thanks Ron,