Kids Sports & Lifestyle Injuries

Kids’ Sports and Lifestyle Injuries

Nearly three-quarters of families with children between the ages of 5 and 18 have at least one child who participates in organized sports, either at school or on a community team. Almost one-third of all childhood injuries are related to sports activities, with the most common injuries being strains and sprains.

Chiropractic’s focus on spinal structure and the nervous system can play a role in helping kids minimize injuries and perform at their peak, especially during growth and development stages. Chiropractors are also valuable educators for kids (and parents!) about how to optimize performance through healthy habits and exercise.

Besides sports injuries, other challenges to children’s health include long periods of sitting, bending over desks doing schoolwork, and hunching over phones or tablets. Another issue is carrying heavy backpacks, which can cause rounding of the shoulders and a tendency to lean forward. This results in muscular imbalances causing muscle strain or spasm, as well as irritation to the joints of the spine and rib cage.

Regular chiropractic check-ups – and if needed, treatment – can help alleviate the skeletal and muscular imbalances that children face each day, through sports, school, or leisure activities, and can help prevent further problems later in life.