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Oakridge Chiropractic’s multi-disciplinary approach to getting your body functioning at its best includes the following service options:


The main goal of chiropractic is to restore proper alignment and motion to the 24 bones that protect the spinal cord.

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As part of Oakridge Chiropractic’s multi-disciplinary approach to getting your body functioning at its best, our clinic

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Acupuncture, along with massage, nutritional and herbal therapy, physical exercises and meditation, is a key element of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Active Release Technique

ART® is an effective method of breaking down scar tissue to increase motion and restore full function to affected areas.

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Graston/FAKTR Treatment

The FAKTR concept was developed by Dr. Thomas Hyde and Dr. Greg Doerr, two clinicians with over 20 years of combined experience with

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Shockwave energy pulses produce an inflammatory response, stimulating cells to accelerate the healing process

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Whiplash is commonly known as a neck injury sustained from a rear-end collision, but can also be caused from side collision or head-on collisions.

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Along with using chiropractic adjustments to keep a well moving and properly aligned spine, it is very important to also look at the platform

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Kinesiotape (KT) helps treat musculoskeletal and nervous system injuries, pain and dysfunction. Unlike conventional sports taping, KT taping helps

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Who we are!

About Us

Life is too short to be slowed down by pain. At Oakridge Chiropractic our goal is simple – to get you back to doing what you love to do without pain or discomfort, and to help you stay there.

Located in Southwest Calgary, our clinic provides a range of complementary disciplines for the complete and effective treatment of a number of health conditions. Our 3-phased approach begins with providing the pain relief that you’re looking for, but it goes beyond simply providing a band-aid solution to your symptoms.