Kinesiotape (KT) Tape

Kinesiotape (KT) helps treat musculoskeletal and nervous system injuries, pain and dysfunction. Unlike conventional sports taping, KT taping helps to treat a condition while not restricting range-of-motion, allowing you to continue with your activities while receiving soft tissue support.

When applied correctly, Kinesiotape’s mechanism of action is understood to lift the skin up from the underlying fascia, thereby decompression the layers of fascia and improving blood flow. This translates into greater movement of lymphatic fluid out of the inflamed tissue (including cellular debris and waste products) and supports the return of blood flow (including oxygen, glucose, growth factors.) This fascial decompression may also help relieve tension on soft tissue nerve entrapments, thereby relieving symptoms related to the nerve. KT tape may also have an indirect influence on nervous system, by interrupting the reception of pain between the site of pain and the spinal cord, making it an excellent conservative approach to pain relief.