Neck Pain & Headaches

Most Canadians will suffer from at least one headache in their lifetime. The reason for a headache can differ from one individual to another. There are also several types of headaches, including: migraine, cervicogenic (caused by the neck), tension-type, sinus, and cluster.

Common migraines are found more often in women than men, and usually start in young adulthood. Migraine symptoms include a pulsing headache that can be severe enough to hamper daily activities. They are often associated with nausea and vomiting, as well as sensitivity to light or noise.

Classic migraines are less common, and are often preceded by visual symptoms such as flashing lights (or auras), and a blind spot or decreased vision. Once these temporary symptoms disappear, the pulsing headache that results can be disabling and last from hours to days.

Chiropractors can assess, diagnose and effectively treat most types of headaches. Chiropractic treatment may decrease the intensity and frequency of migraines in many cases, especially common migraines.

Our chiropractors can also provide relief from migraine and headache after-effects such as restricted neck movement, muscle tension in the upper back and shoulders, as well as addressing any postural issues to help reduce the occurrence of both migraine and tension headaches.