Along with using chiropractic adjustments to keep a well moving and properly aligned spine, it is very important to also look at the platform in which the body stands on and that is, of course, our feet! Part of a chiropractors training is to assess the position of people’s feet and how they are impacting not only their feet but the rest of the body. If our feet are rolling in or out too much (overpronation or oversupination) when we walk or run it places a great deal of stress on the feet and all the structures above like our knees and back. Often, chiropractic adjustments will not hold as well if our feet are not in proper alignment. At Oakridge Chiropractic both Dr. Watson and Dr. Barlot have, for years, successfully prescribed and fitted custom orthotics for their patients to help resolve malpositioned feet.

Custom orthotics often help the following conditions:

Low Back Pain

Knee Pain

Hip Pain

Plantar Fasciitis (Arch/Heel Pain)

Shin Splints

Heel Spurs


Flat Feet

Compartment Syndrome

Runner’s Knee (IT Band Syndrome)

Ankle Instability (rolls easy, history of sprains/tears)

Custom orthotics are made specifically to your feet through measurements, evaluating how you walk (your gait) and casting. They are made of very durable but extremely light materials that will easily fit into most shoes/boots and will last you up to five years.

In the summer wearing orthotics can be more challenging but now there are sandals that can accommodate orthotics which actually have style and look good! Most benefit plans will often cover all or a portion of custom made orthotics. Recently, insurance companies are being stickier about their requirements for qualifying for coverage. Please contact your insurance company before booking at our office for an orthotic fitting, to ensure that you are aware of their requirements in order to get the coverage you are expecting. Please call our office if you need more info and we would be happy to assist!